Alps SSiVZG set 25-6

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Alps SSiVZG - Modern strong elegant single-legged anti-tangling series with starting guides relative far from the blank. This makes it possible to start with a relative small starting guide followed up by quick in size and hight reducing guides. This results in a series that looks good, saves weight and has a positive effect on casting properties. The SSiVZG 25-6 set is suitable for heavy spinning rods from approx. 60 gr. casting weight used with a big reel.

Choose your set, then below the tip guide 6 with suitable tube size. If you desire a set with more than 11 guides, then order SSiVGZ-5.5L additional.

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totaal met topoog
Indicatie hengel lengte
A - 25H-16H-10H-8M-7L-6L-5.5L-5.5L 9 260-270cm
B - 25H-16H-10H-8M-7L-6L-5.5L-5.5L-5.5L 10 270-285cm
C - 25H-16H-10H-8M-7L-6L-5.5L-5.5L-5.5L-5.5L 11 285-300cm
D - 25H-16H-10H 8M-7L-6L-5.5L-5.5L-5.5L-5.5L-5.5L 12 300-325cm