RV-Tracer of the Deep

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RV - Tracer of the Deep - vertical @ baitcaster
This top segment Xfast series is very suited for deep water vertical jigging and as a baitcaster. The Xfast action gives a fast and firm strike and much control. The thin tip section and high lock up gives extra sensitivity while vertical fishing shads in deep water. All types are one pc.

code     length 
lead headw.
pc.  butt-tip    action
 finish  price
 A - TOD1-light  198cm 12-16 gr,  10-20 gr.  1  11.2-1.7  Xfast  37 gr.  mat antraciet  € 85,-
 B - TOD2-medium  198cm 14-18 gr.  20-30 gr.  1  11.6-1.8  Xfast  46 gr.  mat antraciet  € 85,-
 C - TOD3-heavy  198cm 16-22 gr.  20-40 gr.  1  12-1.9  Xfast  53 gr.  mat antraciet  € 85,-
 D - TOD4-Xheavy  198cm 18-24 gr.  35-60 gr.  1  12.5-2.0  Xfast  57 gr.  mat antraciet  € 85,-

Instructions place the decal with application foil.

- first provide the blank of a smooth area of epoxy on which the decal can be placed
- degrease well with a degreaser/acetone - remove white paper from under decal
- Hold the application foil by the edge and place the decal in line with the blank as closely as possible
- press firmly and then carefully remove the application foil - can also be placed on a finished winding
- finish the placed decal always with a last epoxy layer