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Top quality guideset SeaGuide SCX-RSG 30H-12. The frames are made of SS316L sandblasted stainless steel, slender, strong and with high corrosion resistance. The frame is a "deep press anti tangle" model, which guarantees a strong connection of ring and frame and optimizes casting with large reels. The incerts are made of Silicon Nitride, a modern ceramic material with optimal properties for use as an guide incert. The slender strong frame with slender feet makes it easier to wrap. Significantly lighter than comparable guides, eg a Fuji KWAG-30H weighs 11 gr. a SeaGuide SXH-30H 4.26 gr. that is over 60% lighter.

- stailess steel SS316L frames - anti tangle deep ress - sandblasted
- high corrosion resistance - strong - slender - durable - low weight
- incerts Silicon Nitride - very slim - strong - low weight - very line friendly

Choose your set, then below the top guide size 12 with suitable tube size. If you want a set of more than 7 guides in total, order SCXLRSG-12 separately.

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Indication rod length
A - 30L(low)-25-20-16-12 6 350-375 cm
B - 30L(low)-25-20-16-12-12 7 360-395 cm