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RV-MasterTracer series 9ft. - shad fishing / carolina rig / lures with little water resistance
A very accurate casting series with a sensitive tip and subtle medium fast action suitable for various lures with relatively little water resistance (no large-bladed spinners etc. 7/8 ft. works better in that case). The serie is very suited for shad fishing where the bottom is scanned and the rod is sometimes positioned diagonally upwards. Also a good combination with the Carolina rig. Definitely a top series in this class. Comes with an application decal to optimize your rod.

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A-MT-275 10/16  275 cm    10-16 gr. 2  11.1-1.6 mm   8 mm  MF  60 gr.  clear gloss  € 99,-
B-MT-275 14/20  275 cm    14-20 gr. 2  11.4-1.7 mm  8.5 mm  MF  65 gr.  clear gloss  € 99,-
C-MT-275 18/24  275 cm     18-24 gr. 2  11.9-1.8 mm   9 mm  MF  70 gr.  clear gloss  € 99,-

Instructions for placing the decal with application foil.

- degrease blank well with decreaser/acetone - remove white under skin from decal
- hold the application foil by the edge and place the decal in line with the blank as closely as possible
- press firmly than carefully remove the application foil - always give the decal an epoxy finish to secure and protect