Winding checks are used to create a nice tight transition between gripmaterial and blank. Choose a size that leaves little space between check and blank. Fill this space out with a small strap of tape and apply little epoxy glue before sliding the check in place. The pvc CK checks can stretch out a little so it works best to pick a size equal, or a fraction smaller than the blank. Shock rings can be used as a check or to protect blank slip and spignot connections.

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Sales price: 1,50 €
anodised size 6/15,5 mm
Sales price: 6,95 €
Ring 21.5/23.5/25
RvS check cilinder mod.
Sales price: 7,05 €
size 6.5/16 mm cilinder model
checks mei 2015 0057
Sales price: 3,50 €
anodised size 6/15mm
RV Collars 20
Sales price: 6,95 €
per piece for NPS 20/DNPS 20
RvS check low mod.
Sales price: 5,95 €
size 6/18mm low model
RV collars 18
Sales price: 6,95 €
per piece for NPS 18/DNPS 18
Sales price: 4,55 €
size 6/24 mm
winding check CK6 PVC
Sales price: 0,90 €
size i.d. 6/24 mm
winding check CCK85
Sales price: 2,30 €
size 6.3 tot 15.2 mm
Sales price: 3,95 €
size 6/15 mm