Explanation size

The size indication is the inner diametre (i.d.) for all seats. For Alps metal seats the indication i.d. can deviate a bit down, see the tables. Size indication for Fuji is exact, a DPS16 has 16mm i.d. A DPS18 fits almost all reels including most big pit models. Please note the various brands of reels and seats are not standardized.

A few assembling tips

- a reelseat must be assembled tight-fit with straps of masking tape – always keep te same direction of rotation
- the straps of tape are mainly for centering/tight-fitting the seat - bonding is done with epoxyglue
- fill the space between the straps with epoxy glue and put the rodpart upright – put most glue in the spacings
- rotating while applying the glue works best - remove excess glue with a nife point and white-spirit on a cloth