RodVisions Components

In this on-line shop you can find an extensive selection of high quality rod-building materials and components illustrated by photos, technical information and building tips. New products are being added regularly. Next to fishing, rod-building can be a fun and creative free time activity. It can give a lot of satisfaction to create your own rods that meet your own personal expectations and are unique. The added bonus is of course, catching a fish on your own home built rod.

RodVisions was started at the beginning of 2003 and grew from a passion for fishing and rod-building. The driving force behind RodVisions is Dick Willemsen, who started back in the eighties as a part time builder for a local fish & tackle shop. In his “very scarce” free time, this rod-builder and “jack of all trades” is also a passionate fisher in many disiplines. Because of his growing collection of different components, in 2005 he decided to start this web shop. Dick is always looking for new developments and components, or designs them himself.

All components are thorough tested for quality and durability before adding them to the programme. Besides a small amount of other suppliers, RodVisions works a lot with Alps components and is the representative for Alps in the Netherlands. A selection of these components were developed in collaboration with RodVisions. You will also find in the web shop many components designed by RodVisions (RV), which are produced in the Netherlands and an important addition to the assortment available. Next to many of the components you will find technical information and building tips. If you still have some questions, don't hesitate to contact RodVisions either by mail or phone.

We hope you have fun with rod building and with fishing your unique rods, that is what its all about!

Team RodVisions