Shipping blanks outside The Netherlands

Blank selection
To be able to offer the most appropriate blanks for all disciplines in angling, a selection is made out of various manufacturers. Supplemented with blanks from own design we can offer you a complete program suitable for many fishing disciplines. This is also largely the program RodVisions uses to built custom rods. If you consider to have your rods built, please visit the site and simply contact us.

Ordering blanks with rings & checks
If you order unfamiliar blanks and also add rings and checks you could make an assessment of the inner diameter (i.d.). Please indicated in comments at what distance your grip ends so we check the i.d. and if necessary adjust.

Explanation values in the blank tables
Casting weight - A fraction under the two values is equal to the optimal casting weight. With this weight the longest casting distance can be reached. If you deviate much this will require a less agressive technique to respect your rod. Butt-Tip - Butt - is the inner diameter of the blank butt. Tip - the outer diameter of the top. Action - displays an indication of the flexing profile under increasing pressure. - Medium slow = thew whole blank displays a smooth loading arc full flexing - Fast = flexing is more or less limited to the tip area.