Cotton rod bags 1 and 2 pc. short

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Skillfully crafted two sections rod bags, high quality cotton. Suitable for fishing rods from 6 to 10ft.

- measure your fishing rod transport length and look in the table what fits best
- the length of the sections in the table is without the locking flap
- determine the best section width by measuring the profile of the biggest guide and devide by two

type suited for rod section length without close flap section width price
A 6-6,6ft. lite spinning 100 cm 4/6,5 cm €12,95
B 6,6-7ft. lite spinning 110 cm 4/6,5 cm €12,95
C 7-7,6ft. lite spinning 120 cm 48/6,5 cm €12,95
D 7,6-8ft. lite spinning 130 cm 4/6,5 cm €12,95
E 8-8,6ft. 145 cm 6,5/8,5 cm €13,95
F 9-10ft. 160 cm 6,5/8,5 cm €13,95
G 6,6-7ft. one pice 9 cm €13,95

The colour of the fabric could deviate from the picture. Stock is limited, if you want to be certain of quick delivery call or email us to inform about stock.