Product info ALPS guides


ALPS produces among a lot of other components guides of high quality. For the frames exclusively stainless steel SS316 and titanium is used. All  guides are 100% corrosion proof. Most of the frames are 'deep press rolled' for more strength and interface with the ceramic insert. The incert is pressed firmly in the frame and secured with a durable 2 k epoxy bonding. Result is a very strong connection of frame and the ceramic insert. So losing an insert is virtually ruled out.

s6 alps 007 mxn3223 MNX3221

The SS316 stainless steel metal alloy is relatively hard to deform, therefor the frames can be made extra slim and light. An advantage with the nowadays often slim blanks. The guide is easier to wrap, slimmer, lighter and more graceful. A Zirconium ceramic insert is applied for most of the guides. Zirconium is highly resistant to extreme pressure with all kinds of fishing line. The material has a very low friction coefficient and good heat conduction/drain. It is the most shock-resistant ceramic material and can be used for guides at equal performance as SIC.

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